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The Affordable Care Act has brought about quite a bit of change in the realm of medical insurance. Insurance Nation can help you understand what those changes mean for you. Whether you simply want basic coverage or a major medical policy, we’ve got you covered. There are five major types of healthcare plans: HMO, PPO, POS, Indemnity, and HSAs.

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Basic medical insurance will pay a portion of your medical expenses in accordance to a fixed minimum payment offered by your provider. Coverage costs will vary depending on the range of coverage limits you select. To put it simply, higher coverage amounts equal higher premiums.
Major Medical Insurance can offset costs incurred by extended hospitalization due to a serious injury or illness. As such, these are always more expensive than basic plans. Usually one must meet a deductible before the carrier begins to pay. These deductibles can range anywhere from $1000-$5000 and upon being fulfilled, carriers will cover between 80-100% of your medical expenses. This is called co-insurance.
It’s important to speak with one of our agents to find what plan is best for you.

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