What is the Agency Network Program?

The Agency Network Program is a unique opportunity that allows you to start your own agency. With the Agency Network Program you have the freedom to use your own agency name and logo right from the start while still benefitting from the relationships and infrastructure Insurance Nation already has in place.

What is the difference between a franchise and an Agency Network?

With a franchise you’re limited to using the agency name of the franchise you are purchasing. With our Agency Network Program you choose your agency name and logo and build your brand while benefitting from the 20+ years of experience and relationships that Insurance Nation has.

How can your management system help my business?

Our unique management system allows you to manage your leads, organize your work flow, track the production and participation of your agents, and maintain quality control and compliance all within one platform.

Our agent dashboard lets you establish goals for the agency and track your progress towards achieving those goals. Set reminders, notify clients, and manage policy updates with ease. With a built-in communication platform, you can put the system to work retaining your clients so you can focus on bringing in new business.

Why the Agency Network VS a franchise?

Franchises can be limiting. When you buy a franchise you buy into the existing brand. You may be restricted to use specific branding or having specific operating hour. Plus, some franchises are on-going investments which require costs, such as royalty fees or advertising costs, in addition to your start up costs.

With the Agency Network Program you’re your own boss. You decide your logo, your brand, your operating hours- everything. Insurance Nation is here to help you grow, providing on-going training and certification for you and your agents as well as the infrastructure your agency needs to get to the next level.

Can I use my own Agency name?

Absolutely! You’re welcome and encouraged to use the agency name of your choosing.

Do you provide training or/and Certification?

Part of Insurance Nation’s promise to you is a commitment to your professional development. We give you and your staff the training and certification you need to grow as an agent. We provide the support you need to write and service policies for all lines of business.

Can I manage my own book of busisness?

As part of our Agency Network Program you’ll have complete control over your own book of business.

Will I be recognized as the agent of record?

We know the hard work you put into finding and retaining your clients so we will always recognize you as the agent of record for every client that you write, service, or refer within the network.

Can I keep my book of business if I cancel my network with Insurance Nation?

The short answer- yes! Your book of business is yours to keep. Rest easy with the guarantee that if you choose to move your book of business from the network there will be no non-compete to keep you from servicing and growing your book of business.

In what states can I open an Agency Network?

We currently have Agency Networks in Florida and Texas, but we’re open to incorporating new states to the network.

Do I get marketing support to grow my business?

Your success is our success. Our Marketing team utilizes different ways to help you promote your business. We provide experienced advice to establish what business messaging will work best for your agency to penetrate new markets and reach wider audiences.

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